Show’s best album to date. It doesn’t get any better than this album right here. Serious. Now, many can say this statement according to their opinions. But I have solid stats: 

Released earlier this year (Jan. 15,) Rashomon debuted and stayed at #1 on all 3 of Taiwan’s official music charts continuously for 10 week (in its 17-week run on the charts.) Yesterday Rashomon was certified FIVE platinum records and the title of BEST SELLING ALBUM IN TAIWAN of 2010!

Now, if that doesn’t say “best album of the year,” I don’t know what does.

Show Luo’s Rashomon
IN STORES NOW (actually, it’s sold out!)

Not to mention four of the tracks were featured in possibly the best Taiwanese drama of 2009/2010, Hi My Sweetheart (*)

Recommended: Pretty much the entire album…
羅生門 Lovers’ Puzzle
愛的主場秀 The Leading Role
生理時鍾 Biological Clock *
習慣就好 Getting Used To It
愛瘋頭 Head Over Heels *
愛不單行 Love Doesn’t Travel Alone *
為什麼要在一起 Why Were We Together
WOW! (Ft. Elva Hsiao)
In Your Eyes (Ft. Rainie Yang) *
舞法舞天 Dance Without Limits